Salt Bae Restaurant Charging ₹800 for a Sprite? Seriously?

Salt Bae Restaurant Charging ₹800 for a Sprite? Seriously?

So, you know Salt Bae Restaurant, right? That Turkish chef who made a sprinkle of salt look like magic? Well, he’s back in the news, and this time it’s not for his salt skills. It’s about his restaurant, Nusr-Et, charging a whopping ₹800 for a Sprite! Yep, you heard it right.

Salt Bae Restaurant : The Background Story

Salt Bae, aka Nusret Gokce, became a big deal on the internet a few years ago. His steak-salting moves made him a sensation, and he opened fancy steakhouses called Nusr-Et. People loved the drama, but lately, there’s been some grumbling about the prices. It seems like the focus on making things look fancy might be overshadowing the whole point of eating out.

Salt Bae Restaurant Charging ₹800 for a Sprite? Seriously?

Salt Bae Restaurant : The Social Media Drama

So, this whole thing started when someone on X shared a video of Salt Bae doing his steak thing at Nusr-Et. But that’s not all – they also posted a breakdown of a bill from the restaurant. And, let me tell you, it’s causing quite a stir on social media.

Salt Bae Restaurant : The Sprite Shock

Now, here’s the kicker – on that bill, a regular can of Sprite is priced at $10! That’s like ₹800 for a simple soda. People on the internet lost it over the crazy markup on a fizzy drink. It got everyone wondering what’s going on with the pricing strategy at Nusr-Et.

Salt Bae Restaurant : More Than Just a Sprite

But wait, there’s more. The bill showed another crazy thing – a dish called ‘Golden Tomahawk,’ a beef steak wrapped in gold foil, priced at $1000 (around ₹83,000). Now, that’s not your average steak dinner. Critics are saying these prices are way out of touch with what normal folks expect.

Nusr-Et’s Expensive History

This isn’t the first time Nusr-Et got into hot water for its high prices. People have been grumbling about the costs for a while now. The recent bill drama is making everyone rethink if the fancy presentation is really worth the big bucks.

Fancy Looks vs. Yummy Food

One thing that keeps coming up is the idea that Nusr-Et might care more about how things look than how they taste. While the fancy visuals might impress some, others think it shouldn’t mean compromising on the actual food’s quality and price.

Backlash on the Internet

Once news of the ₹800 Sprite got out, the internet went wild. Memes, comments, and debates about Nusr-Et’s prices took over social media. The incident has become more than just a Sprite controversy; it’s making people question what’s fair when it comes to fancy dining.

Talking About Restaurant Prices

Beyond all the drama, this Nusr-Et incident is making everyone talk about why high-end restaurants charge so much. It’s raising questions about whether the cost matches what you get and if these fancy places understand what regular folks can afford.

Salt Bae’s Impact

Salt Bae isn’t just a chef; he’s a whole vibe. His style blends entertainment with dining, and people love it. But this controversy shows that even internet stars like Salt Bae can’t escape criticism when it comes to how they set their prices.

What Happens Next?

As the internet keeps buzzing with memes and discussions, we’re all waiting to see what happens next. Will Nusr-Et rethink its prices, or will it ride out the online storm? Only time will tell how this chapter in the Salt Bae saga ends

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