Mars: Hollywood’s New Hidden Hangout

What’s up? Mars, a cool bar for cocktails, just opened in Hollywood, making the city even livelier. It’s like the Mother Wolf in the Citizen News building is hiding a valuable gem. Imagine that you are in a very exclusive place, drinking delicious drinks.

Mars: Hollywood's New Hidden Hangout

Bringing Mars’s Secrets to Light

Giancarlo Pagani is the brains behind Mars. He has worked in hotels for a long time. Before going out on his own with Pagani Hospitality, he worked with big names in the business like SBE and Ten Five Hospitality. He made Mars, a stylish bar for important people. The best thing about it is that it’s not like other pubs; you can even get in through a secret door behind Mother Wolf.

Mars: An Adventure in Space and Magic

You’ll find a nice treat inside Mars. Lauren Borisoff, who runs Borisoff Design Studio and is the creative force behind the stunning results, did the job. Imagine lockers full of rare bottles, paintings that look like they were inspired by Italy, and comfortable chairs for about 250 people. You feel like you’ve entered a totally different world, one that is styled and your own.

Having Beautiful Cocktails

Let’s go get something to drink. Mars’ drink game is very important. The menu is a work of art that was carefully put together. It has tempting options and foreign spirits. Sit down and order a Belluci, which is made of Codigo tequila, Del Maguey mezcal, lime, basil, strawberry black pepper syrup, and green Tajín. Or maybe something else. Feel what it’s like to be an Apollo explorer? You should try the Apollo. It has lime, Crème de Banane, pineapple rum Bacardi 8, and banana foam. There are also the standards, like a martini that’s a little dirty.

Besides Cocktails

Mars is a great place for people who like beer, wine, and cocktails. Find out more about wines from Armenia, Sonoma and Napa Valley, Italy, France, and Australia. If you want something fizzy, they have champagne, including a pricey bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal that costs $1,100. But what about the ghosts? You can get everything from scotch and cognac to vodkas and agave drinks. You can also get Bushmills 25 whisky and Yamazaki 12.

Sign up as a member to get access to Mars Experience.

Do you want to take your Mars trip to the next level? You can join a course made just for that. For $5,000 a year, you can get top-notch treatment. Get first dibs on rare spirits, invites to secret events, and your own spirits locker. Plus, your unique bottles are welcome in this stylish bar. What a great club!

Mars in Hollywood’s Nightlife Scene

The area is already home to Dream Hollywood and the Hotel Cafe, two of Hollywood’s most famous buildings. Mars makes it look more fancy. It is the place to be if you want to see a private club or have a wild night out on the town. Mars is about to become your next big journey, you Hollywood explorers!

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