Goodrich Ice Cream FAQ

Q. What makes Goodrich Ice Cream so special?

A. The quality of Goodrich Ice Cream is easily told by the taste and the ingredients. Our product per ½ gallon will weigh considerably more than other brands This is accomplished by lowering the overrun which plainly means more product and less air Only the finest ingredients are used In ice cream, there is a milk and cream ration of 3:1, beet sugar and corn sugar in a ration of 3:1 and skim milk powder There is also stabilizer which prevents the formation of large ice crystals in your ice cream so that it stays creamy, not sandy tasting, even if it melts a little before you get it home Also, there is emulsifier, which keeps all the ice cream ingredients well blended and helps keep the air whipped into the ice cream so it doesn’t taste like hard ice, but is smooth and creamy.

Q. Who manufactures the ice cream served at Goodrich Ice Cream Shoppes?

A. The ice cream is produced in an ice cream manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Nebraska This state of the art plant is equipped with a computerized multi-tray deep freeze tunnel This allows the 3 gallon tubs of ice cream to be frozen using this quick hardening process This process better enhances the quality and texture of the ice cream.

Q. What are the financial requirements in opening a Goodrich Ice Cream Shoppe?

A. Operational Cost:

  • Product Cost 32% to 35%
  • Shared labor costs

Equipment & Signs

  • Equipment $13,000 to $16,000
  • Opening inventory: $2050 to $2400

License fees:

  • No License fee: $0.00
  • No royalty fee to Goodrich Ice Cream


  • 10 years
Q. What differentiates Goodrich Ice Cream Shoppes from other ice cream licenses?

A. First and foremost, it is the quality of the ice cream that we serve The ice cream is classified as a premium product with 13% butterfat added The Goodrich Ice Cream Shoppe is a traditional concept that is not trendy and has spanned many generations since its conception in 1932 It has grown from its Midwest roots and prospers because of its ability to satisfy its customers with traditional products such as malts, shakes, sundaes, cones and banana splits, and it’s great tasting ‘famous’ ice cream.

Q. What's New at Goodrich Ice Cream?

A. We have designed an incredible new cone display case for your Goodrich location. This case has a covered top and doors on the employee side to make your health inspector happy! This will also eliminate any customers reaching over the top of the display to point out the cone of their choice. This cone holder is able to mount to the top of your dipping cabinet, just like your current cone holder, so that it is in our customer's line of sight. Impulse buys are always conducted by what is "seen." Contact me today to order yours! Kristin Holmes 402.592.3910.

Cone Display Case